Some Advice On Bible Reading Plans

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you’re on this page it means you want to challenge yourself this year. That’s great! But, maybe you didn’t finish your plans in previous years. That’s okay. The goal is not to check boxes off our to-do list but to bury God’s word in our hearts. Don’t get discouraged. Every time we open God’s word He is using it – He will not allow His word to return void.

So here’s some tips for accomplishing your 2021 Bible Reading Plan:

1) Pick a realistic plan.
2) Pick a plan that fits you – take into account your personality, time, and life circumstances.
3) Devote a time each day to when & where you’ll read – seriously you might need to put it on your calendar.
4) Summarize what you’ve just read.
5) Pick an accountability partner who can encourage you (and you them!)

May God bless you this year as you read and meditate upon His word!

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